5 Home Selling Tips from Local Bethesda Real Estate Team, Argent Realty

5 Home Selling Tips from Local Bethesda Real Estate Team, Argent Realty

Bethesda is a bustling urban area less than 10 miles from Washington, D.C. As a result of its close proximity to the nation’s capital, along with its beautiful parks and incredible restaurants, Bethesda is drawing in more and more newcomers. It’s expected that the city will remain a popular option for those looking to relocate closer to DC, meaning those that are seeking to sell their homes may want to start the process. If you’ve been thinking about putting your property in Bethesda for sale, follow these five home selling tips as you step into the local real estate scene.

1. Get to know the Bethesda market

Bethesda is currently in a seller’s market, making it an ideal time for homeowners to consider listing. A good first step to take before putting a home on the market, however, is to find out what’s happening in Bethesda real estate. Homes for sale in Bethesda continue to appreciate in value, with prices rising steadily in the past year. Demand is keeping the market competitive, and homes are still receiving multiple offers. Average properties are selling in around three weeks, while top properties receive offers in only a few days. With this information in tow, sellers can know more about what to expect as they prepare their home for sale.

2. Hire a real estate team

To truly get an insider look at the current market in Bethesda, it’s important to work with the right real estate team. Teams like Argent Realty know how to help homeowners market their properties to the highest bidder. From helping sellers determine a realistic timeline to offering insight into potential pre-sale upgrades and services, the right real estate team will walk a client through each step of the process to ensure they’re setting themselves up for the most success. Homeowners will want to choose a team with ample experience in the Bethesda area. More than that, a team that’s familiar with handling homes like theirs, whether it’s a luxury condominium or a historic townhome. 

3. Determine your timeline

A timeline is important in any home sale, as it allows the seller to have a clear picture of when they need to have their home prepped and ready for listing. Time of year plays a role in securing the right price and having a quick sale, as inventory and buyer demand will shift depending on the season. 

To have a successful sale, homeowners will want to work closely with their real estate team to determine the best month for listing. From there, they should work backward to figure out when they need to have any renovations, repairs, or staging completed.

4. Prepare your home for a successful sale

In considering how to draw in the most buyers, Bethesda homeowners will want to do what they can to prepare their home ahead of time. Even in a seller’s market, it’s worthwhile to complete home repairs and particular renovations and invest in services like home staging and photography. All these can boost property value and decrease the time a home spends on the market.

Choose strategic upgrades

Before selling, homeowners may want to have their homes appraised and inspected. They’ll get a sense of what their home is currently worth and discover any issues that could cause their home to sell for less than they’d like. Repairs are always a strategic option for homeowners, as they can note the changes in their listing and show buyers that their home is up to date and move-in ready.

Additionally, performing strategic upgrades throughout the home can similarly boost a seller’s return on investment. If homeowners aren’t sure where to start, consulting with their real estate team can provide insight into what buyers are placing the highest value on. Whether sellers decide to refinish the entire kitchen or simply upgrade the counters and cabinets, even small changes have the potential to draw in more buyers. 

Hire a home stager

Once renovations are complete, home staging is another great way to bring in higher offers. Home staging helps buyers imagine themselves at home in a space, which could encourage them to make an offer more quickly. The key to home staging is to clear out as many personal items as possible beforehand and then partner with a professional team aware of Bethesda’s top interior design trends. Knowing what buyers are looking for, home stagers can transform a property into its most ideal form, showcasing its best features so that buyers know all that it has to offer.

Create a strong listing page

When a home is staged, photographed, and prepared for viewings, it’s time to develop a strong listing page. The most effective pages will contain bright, clear photography that highlights a home’s best features. They’ll have a thorough and descriptive listing description that helps buyers connect the dots between the images and what to expect in terms of square footage and additional amenities. From there, a homeowner is almost set.

5. List at the right price

The final step before listing is to set the right price. Real estate teams like Argent Realty are experts at conducting comparative market analyses to help homeowners determine the fair market value of their home. It’s important that, even in a seller’s market, homeowners are prudent about matching their price to their home's amenities. Buyers will be drawn to properties that are worth their price tag. 

If you’re preparing your home for sale this year, get in touch with Argent Realty. This talented team of professionals has been serving clients in the greater DC area for decades and is dedicated to providing them with every resource required to have a smooth, efficient sale. When you’re ready to learn more about how to sell your home in Bethesda, reach out to Argent Realty.

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